Spotlight on…. Claudia Prinz




Hi Claudia, let’s start with work; what does a ‘normal’ day constitute for you?

I’m quite new so I’m getting to know all areas of my work, but generally I will be preparing reviews for clients, speaking with clients and providers, submitting new business and being support for an Adviser.

How long have you been with the company? How did you get started?

I only started at the beginning of July so I am new here! I have worked in the Financial sector for 5-years now, fulfilling various jobs from administration to compliance.

When you were a child, what job did you want to do?

I wanted to be a dancer and an artist.

Work in silence or with music, background chatter and noise?

I prefer music or chatter in the background, although sometimes a bit of peace is nice when I need to concentrate on something.

What’s been your greatest moment working here so far?

Meeting the lovely and very welcoming team.

What’s your drink of choice while you’re working?

I start the day with a coffee or two and then drink water throughout the day.

And when you’re not working?

At home, water with lemon and when I’m out, whisky with coke.

Name the best place you’ve ever visited.

Zante has been my favourite so far.

And how about the place that’s currently top of your ‘to visit’ list?

There is to many but I am currently obsessed with Bali and would love to go there!

If you have the choice between staying in and going out, which do you normally choose and what do you normally do?

A mixture of both. I like to go out or for a walk but I also like to stay in, get comfy and watch a good movie.

What’s the one talent you have that people in your office are unaware of?


 What would your ‘Desert Island’ disc, film and book be?

Disc: My own mixtape, which would probably contain every music genre, hence why I love Spotify so much.

Film: Good will Hunting or any movie with Will Smith

Book: I always wanted to read all the books by Paulo Coelho so maybe a Desert Island would be a great place to do that.

Do you prepare well in advance or are you a ‘last minute’ person?

I like to and try to prepare in advance especially at work but at home I’m usually last minute.

Who’d play you in the film of your life?

I really don’t know…. this is too tough to answer!

DIY or call an expert?

I love a bit of DIY!

If you had to compete at the Olympics, in any event, real or fake, what would you choose?

Volleyball, I used to compete for my school.

Do you ‘do’ Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn? Are they useful?

I only use Facebook and this is mainly to keep in touch with family and friends.

Physical book or e-book? Do you still buy a paper? Which one?

Probably a physical book, although I don’t usually read that much, but when I’m traveling I like to listen to audiobooks.

On a scale of 1-10, 1 being ‘not at all’, how clued up on technology do you feel you are?

I’d say about a 7, I like to know how technology and complicated stuff works.