For us, it’s all about adding value. With our team of highly qualified advisers, we want to achieve things for you that you couldn’t do on your own.

So with our years of experience, together with our extensive knowledge, we recommend the most appropriate solutions for you.

We help clients with all aspects of their financial planning using our robust six stage process.

Our services fall into two key areas:

  • Wealth Management – making the money you have work for you.
  • Wealth Protection – ensuring that your wealth and your loved ones are protected from financial threats, be that taxation, illness, death or investment risk.

We concentrate on providing investment solutions to suit you now, as well as being designed to evolve with you in the future.

Our Financial Planning Process

Over the last 30 years we have gone from strength to strength, building on our reputation for delivering high quality advice and outstanding service to our clients. We search the whole marketplace so we can offer you completely independent financial advice, which is tailored to your individual needs. The majority of our work is fee-based and we aim to make our charges totally clear and transparent. Within our financial planning process, your circumstances and objectives will inevitably change over time which is why a fundamental part of our service is to offer you regular reviews. These typically include face-to-face meetings with your adviser and a financial report on the current position of your portfolio. See how the six stage plan works here:

Our Financial Advisers – Rob Jackson

Our Financial Advisers

Between them, our financial advisers have over 100 years of experience, covering every aspect of financial planning and wealth management.

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Our Financial Planning Process

Initial meeting

Initial meeting

  • The first 30 minutes, meeting an adviser to discuss your requirements, is at our expense
  • This is an opportunity for you to find out more about Jones Sheridan and for us to see how we can help you
  • At the end of the initial meeting, if you are happy to proceed we will discuss our terms of business and agree how you wish to pay for the advice
  • At this point, we may move immediately to the next step or agree to meet again

Getting to know you

Getting to know you

  • We will have a more detailed discussion around your current circumstances and record this so we can ensure our advice is tailored to your needs
  • Getting to know you is an ongoing process as your objectives and circumstances and needs will change over time
  • As part of this process, we will complete a personal fact find which will help us to understand your knowledge and experience in financial services. We may also complete a questionnaire to help us understand your attitude to investment risk
  • We will ask for a considerable amount of information about you. Importantly, this is all strictly confidential, however the more information you can give us, the better our solutions will be
  • We will not make any recommendations to you until this part of the process has been completed
  • We may need to ask you to sign a document to authorise Jones Sheridan to be the servicing adviser on your existing plans. We provide a holistic service and will look at these as a matter of course

Research solutions

Research solutions

  • Your adviser will pass the file over to our paraplanning team along with their initial thoughts on your requirements
  • We will undertake detailed research, taking into account every possible aspect of your financial and personal circumstances, including; your tax position, what plans you currently hold and your future needs
  • It may be that the paraplanner or your adviser will need to contact you again at this stage to clarify or expand on certain pieces of information
  • This process typically takes two weeks but may be shorter for simple cases or considerably longer for complex planning, or when we have to obtain information on your existing plans

Discuss our proposals

Discuss our proposals

  • Once the paraplanning team have prepared the recommendations, your adviser will review this in detail and tailor the report directly to the discussions you have had
  • You will be given the recommendations in writing along with any supporting documents
  • We will always attempt to give holistic advice so the suitability report will go beyond any specific product that is being recommended
  • You will have time to review the recommendations at a further meeting with your adviser
  • It is important to us that you fully understand, and are happy with, our recommendations and we encourage you to ask questions and discuss them with your adviser

Agree the way forward

Agree the way forward

  • You may decide you wish to proceed with some or all of the recommendations proposed
  • In rare cases, you may decide not to proceed at all, however by working with you every step of the way we hope this will not be the case.
  • You are free to make your own decision based on our advice; should you decide not to go ahead with our recommendation, we will charge you a minimum fee of £500 or what was agreed in your initial discussion.
  • Once agreed, your adviser will assist you with the preparation of any paperwork that is required and submit it on your behalf.

High quality ongoing service

High quality ongoing service

  • We will keep you informed of the progress of any applications you have submitted
  • Once everything is complete you will receive a confirmation letter along with any documents that you need to keep
  • You will receive an ongoing service based on our agreed service proposition
  • You are guaranteed to be offered at least one full financial review each year if our recurring fee income is greater than £500. If we do not offer you this review, we will refund to you any recurring fee we have received for that year
  • Each year we will review your service level and, where appropriate, adjust it to be commensurate with the recurring fee income we have received
  • If our recurring fee income is less than £100 per year, your account will be considered to be dormant, and you will not receive a proactive review from us