Once you have agreed the correct tax wrappers with your adviser, the next step is to select the investments to provide you with the growth or income you require.

Importantly, the investment choice always starts with assessing your appetite for risk.

We start with risk because when it comes to your money, the last thing you want are any unexpected surprises. At Jones Sheridan, our investment solutions all revolve around this simple premise.

While we have access to the entire investment universe, we have narrowed this down to a range of solutions that we feel best meet our clients’ needs. Some of these are solutions offered by large, well respected fund groups who offer a range of both passively and actively managed funds targeted to meet a certain level of risk. We also offer access to managed funds and discretionary management through our links with well-respected discretionary fund managers. Finally, we also have our own in- house model portfolios that have now been successfully running for over five years.

Whatever wrapper your money is in, we are able to offer a solution that will meet your attitude to risk and your objectives and can adapt as your needs and circumstances change.

Our Financial Advisers – Rob Jackson

Our Financial Advisers

Between them, our financial advisers have over 100 years of experience, covering every aspect of financial planning and wealth management.

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